Lojii – Biography, Career and Songs

James Avery Domingo, widely recognized as Lojii, is an underground rapper hailing from Philadelphia, PA. Lojii’s music stands out from the typical Philadelphia rap scene, as his formative years and musical influences were not solely rooted in the city. His sound reflects a unique blend of experiences and influences that set him apart from traditional Philly rap styles.

Early Life

Born on January 14, 1990, in Pennsylvania, USA, Lojii was raised by a social worker mother and an activist father. Despite spending his childhood with his father in Pennsylvania and currently residing in the city, Lojii’s musical identity transcends the label of a “Philly rapper.”

Following high school, Lojii applied to the music program at Purchase College in Harrison, New York. While initially placed on the waiting list for the audio engineering track, he applied for a sociology program, where he was accepted. Despite this shift, Lojii still managed to take music classes and form connections with students pursuing musical paths at Purchase. His time at the college enabled him to develop his engineering skills while immersing himself in a creative environment that fueled his musical journey.

Personal Life

In 2019, Lojii experienced a period of mourning following the loss of several loved ones, including family and friends. Additionally, he was deeply affected by the passing of one of his hip-hop idols, Nipsey Hussle. These losses weighed heavily on him, influencing his emotional state during that time.


After completing his studies and returning to Philadelphia, Lojii found an opportunity to establish himself on the West Coast. Following the release of one of his early projects in 2012, a friend featured him on several tracks and later invited him to perform while on the DJ circuit in Los Angeles. Lojii seized the chance and relocated to L.A. for four years, where he honed his skills in various home studios across the city during the early 2010s. Collaborating with friends-turned-collaborators like Pink Siifu and Swarvy, Lojii found emotional resonance in the neighborhood of Leimert, which holds significance due to its proximity to the store where Nipsey Hussle was tragically killed and the home of the late producer/DJ Ras G, whom Lojii considers an inspiration.

During this period, Lojii’s creative process involved crafting songs and testing them live to gauge their potential. His track “No Ebola” gained traction after going viral on Soundcloud, leading Lojii to reconnect with Swarvy, whom he had initially met in Philadelphia. Together, they recorded a series of songs that culminated in the release of the collaborative project “Due Rent” in 2017.

Reflecting on their collaboration, Lojii shared that they had met in Philly, briefly crossed paths, but they both ended up living in LA and grew closer, eventually collaborating. He went further to say that he was struggling to pay rent that month, and that led to the entire ‘Due Rent’ project.” Following the success of “Due Rent,” Lojii embarked on a productive streak, releasing two projects, including “lo&behold” at the beginning of 2020. Despite its 16-track length, the album’s concise songs, most of which are under two minutes, offer complete and compelling narratives. Lojii’s relaxed flow effortlessly complements the soft R&B-style production, resulting in a cohesive and captivating listening experience.

In tracks like “Trippin (i like it),” Lojii effortlessly transitions between rapping and singing, capturing the essence of romance, desire, and aspirations with a sweet and playful vibe. The song’s unpretentious love theme mirrors its overall atmosphere.

Despite his previous success and recognition, Lojii opted for a low-key release of “lo&behold” in 2020. He simply announced on Twitter that he would be dropping a project on his upcoming birthday, recording most of it alone in his Philadelphia bedroom. During this time, Lojii grappled with the loss of his mentors and the passing of two close family members. Initially expecting the project to fade into obscurity on Bandcamp, Lojii was surprised to receive offers for vinyl pressing and distribution deals once it was released. This experience empowered him to become a self-sufficient musical entity, managing his own deals and merchandise.

The first word uttered by Lojii on “lo&behold” is “patience,” spoken in a meditative tone that suggests it has become a mantra for him. The album closes with a clip of the late Nipsey Hussle discussing his success, emphasizing the importance of unwavering perseverance. Released on his 30th birthday, “lo&behold” embodies the concept of persistence, serving as an ode to overcoming life’s obstacles and cultivating the patience necessary for survival, whether as an independent artist or navigating the systemic challenges faced by black men in America.

In more recent times, Lojii has continued his musical journey with the release of a couple of singles and an album titled “$TARTER_PACK,” which dropped in 2023.

Philanthropic Activities

Lojii’s commitment to social consciousness extends beyond his music into his actions. He allocated a portion of the proceeds from his “no ebola” merchandise sales to Street Child, an organization dedicated to providing healthcare and education access to orphans worldwide. Similarly, he donated proceeds from the sales of Due Rent t-shirts to an organization aiding families in their fight against eviction. Furthermore, Lojii made his album “lo&behold” available for any price listeners could afford.

Growing up as the son of a social worker mother and an activist father, Lojii’s inclination to prioritize philanthropy over profit at an early stage in his career was second nature to him. He hopes that through his music and charitable contributions, he can offer support to those in need and inspire a sense of patience in others facing challenges.



2017 – Due Rent

2018 – Lofeya

2020 – lo&behold

2020 – Due Rent (Blends) [remixes]



2018 – real Bad Promo

2020 – Pay Rent/Do U [Blends]

2020 – Potion/Blok [Blends]

2021 – Taurus


2012 – Pruse

2015 – No Ebola

2016 – Dutti

2017 – Do U

2017 – Blok

2018 – Lo in the Jungle

2019 – Colour

2020 – Pay Rent/Do U (Blends) [remixes]

2020 – Push Fwd

2022 – Panic At The Disco

2023 – Bobby Rush Joint

2023 – Air Max

2023 – The Rotation

2023 – Flight Club

2023 – Subsequent Footprint

2024 – Free Form

2024 – IYKYK

2024 – $till