Zelooperz – Biography, Career and Songs

Walter Moszel Williams, also known as Zelooperz, is an American rapper. He’s part of the Bruiser Brigade, a hip hop group from Detroit, and he’s signed to their record label, Bruiser Brigade Records. Zelooperz shares the stage with other talented artists in the group, including Danny Brown, who is a prominent figure in Detroit’s music scene. If you’ve listened to Danny Brown’s album Atrocity Exhibition from 2016, you might recognize Zelooperz’s unconventional and abstract style. He combines unusual flows with experimental vocals and production, creating a distinct and artistic sound that’s all his own.

Early Life

ZelooperZ, born on June 18, 1993, is originally from Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. His nickname, ZelooperZ, was born in an art class. His buddies coined it originally as “Zeloop,” but he later tacked on the “erz” part. The name originated during a group project in class, where he got in trouble for drawing something inappropriate about a teacher. Despite not knowing where the extra “erz” came from, he embraced it and made it his own.


Zelooperz, currently in his early twenties, has been involved in art since his teenage years, with his earliest published works emerging around 2010. Over the years, he has released mixtapes, studio albums, collaborative projects, and created a plethora of physical and digital visual art.

His debut mixtape was released in 2011, followed by a significant release in 2014 titled “Help.” This mixtape featured the standout track “Thunda Cats,” which included a feature from Danny Brown, showcasing Zelooperz’s unique style. Other notable tracks from “Help” include “El Chupacabruh” and “Plateau.” Two years later, Zelooperz released his first studio album, “Bothic,” which Pitchfork praised for amplifying his distinct qualities. Songs like “Isbd,” “Elevators,” and “PayPal” stood out on this album. Notably, Zelooperz created the cover art for “Bothic,” highlighting his growing focus on visual art.

In 2016, Zelooperz had the opportunity to perform live as the opening act for Danny Brown and Maxo Kream on the Exhibition tour. His performance was highly energetic and engaging, with moments where he interacted with the crowd, including jumping into the audience to perform “Isbd” and joining in moshing with fans.

In 2017, Zelooperz collaborated with Shigeto to create “A Piece of the Geto,” under their duo name ZGTO. This project introduced a completely new sound, blending high-energy and more laid-back trap music. During this period, Zelooperz also increased his output of impressive paintings and even produced a short film accompanying “A Piece of the Geto,” offering a 14-minute glimpse into the artistic environment surrounding the duo. Released in January 2018, the film features stunning visuals and insights into the creative space occupied by these artists.

In 2020, Zelooperz released “Moszel Offline,” a nine-track mixtape filled with fast-paced bangers, with production overseen by F1LTHY from Philadelphia. Additionally, he dropped the “Valley of Life” album in the same year.

Moving on to 2021, Zelooperz released “Van Gogh’s Left Ear.” In 2022, he unveiled the “Get WeT.Radio” album, followed by “Microphone Fiend” in 2023.


Studio albums

Bothic (2016)

A Piece of the Geto (with Shigeto) (2017)

Wild Card (2019)

Dyn-o-mite (2019)[5]

Gremlin (2020)

Moszel Offline (2020)

Valley of Life (2020)

Van Gogh’s Left Ear (2021)

Get WeT.Radio (2022)

Microphone Fiend (2023)


Coon N The Room: Eating Ramen Noodles While Watching Roots on Bootleg (2011)

Help (2014)