Medhane – Biography, Career, Crisis and Songs

Medhane-Alam Olushola, known simply as Medhane (formerly professionally as Donny Oh), is an American rapper and producer hailing from Brooklyn, New York. At 27 years old, he has garnered recognition from Earl Sweatshirt, who has cosigned him and even collaborated with him on the 2017 track “Agoura134,” produced by Sweatshirt himself. Medhane has also ventured into modeling for Earl’s clothing line, Deathworld.

A prominent figure within the lo-fi New York hip-hop scene of the 2010s and 2020s, Medhane infuses his verses with profound reflection and meaningful anecdotes. He often collaborates closely with other members of the movement, and in November 2019, he released his debut full-length album, “Own Pace.”

Early Life and Career Beginnings 

Medhane, born in 1997 and raised in Brooklyn, experienced the vibrant mix of reggae, soul, and hip-hop culture within the borough, splitting his time between his mother’s home in Bed-Stuy and his father’s residence in Prospect Heights. His journey into music began during his senior year of high school when he started rapping under the name Donny Oh, releasing the EP “Stuffed Shells” in 2013.

In 2014, he transitioned to the stage name Medhane and crossed paths with producer Slauson Malone, leading to the formation of the duo Medslaus. Together, they released their debut mixtape, “Greys In Yellow,” the following year. During this period, Medhane and Slauson Malone also connected with New York rapper MIKE and became part of his loose hip-hop collective known as [slums].


Medhane-Alam Olushola demonstrated excellence in both artistic and academic endeavors from a young age. Notably, he skipped two grades and attended the esteemed NEST+m academy. Additionally, he actively participated in the Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy, an organization focused on nurturing the talents of children of African heritage.

Upon enrolling at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University in 2014, Medhane immersed himself in the music scene, collaborating with Slauson Malone as part of Medslaus. Together, they released the impactful EP “Greys in Yellow” in 2015, followed by the full-length album “Poor Boy” in 2017. Shortly thereafter, Medhane made his solo debut with the mixtape “DO FOR SELF” on September 2, 2017, featuring contributions from MIKE and Sixpress, showcasing the vibrant lo-fi New York scene.

While pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, Medhane graduated in 2019. The following year marked the release of his debut album, “Cold Water.”


Following his debut album, Medhane continued to build momentum in his career. With the well-received “Ba Suba, Ak Jamm EP” in 2018 and numerous featured appearances, he solidified his presence in the music scene. In November 2019, Medhane released his first full-length project, “Own Pace,” featuring collaborations with Slauson Malone, Caleb Giles, Navy Blue, and others. This album, characterized by introspective storytelling over expansive production, showcased Medhane’s contributions to the innovative New York music scene.

In February 2020, Medhane showcased his production skills with the release of the shorter project “FULL CIRCLE,” hinting at the arrival of another full-length project. This anticipation culminated in the release of “Cold Water” in May 2020, which further established Medhane’s emotive style with atmospheric soundscapes, compelling narratives, and notable features from artists like Maxo, Chuck Strangers, and Navy Blue.

In 2021, Medhane continued his prolific output with the releases of “Amethyst of Morning” and “Do the Math” albums. Most recently, in 2024, he dropped the “Double or Nothing” album, demonstrating his ongoing creativity and growth as an artist. Alongside these albums, Medhane has also released several singles and EPs, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft.


In 2020, Medhane faced allegations of sexual assault from a former partner. While the Brooklyn rapper acknowledged engaging in “problematic” and “emotionally abusive” behavior, he denied the accusation of sexual assault. However, these allegations led to MIKE and Slauson Malone severing ties with him. Additionally, Slauson Malone removed his verse from the track “11/28/55, Ttrabul” in response to the situation.



2019 – Own Pace

2020 – Cold Water

2021 – Amethyst of Morning

2021 – Do the Math

2024 – Double or Nothing 


2017 – Do for Self

2018 – Ba Suba, Ak Jamm

2020 – Full Circle

2022 – Sacrifices


2017 – Albany2Vernon

2018 – Sky

2019 – Routine

2019 – Always

2019 – Facta

2019 – Voyager

2019 – Nadeadass (Bori)

2020 – Dolomeals

2020 – Myrtle

2020 – How U Know?

2020 – Allegedly

2020 – Crushed Grape

2020 – Slide

2020 – Drycry

2021 – WHO

2021 – 4 AM Freestyle

2021 – Have a Heart

2021 – Puzzleguts

2022 – Wonder Why

2022 – Bet!

2022 – Ginger

2023 – Concrete

2023 – Lost n’ Found

2023 – 10 Bands

2023 – Ten to One