AKAI SOLO – Biography, Career and Discography

Akai Solo’s rising status in the rap scene is marked by his distinct sound and evocative lyricism. With hit tracks like “Vita (Tri Mega)” and “Ocean Hue Hours,” he has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Brooklyn rap scene. His music embodies themes of struggle and perseverance, resonating with listeners who appreciate authenticity and resilience.

Drawing inspiration from literary icon James Baldwin and underground legends Cannibal Ox, Akai Solo’s style is a unique blend of introspection and urban grit. His lyricism paints vivid pictures of urban life, tackling topics such as inner-city struggles, personal growth, and the pursuit of dreams.

Known for his upbeat and bouncy sound, Akai Solo brings energy and dynamism to his music, captivating audiences with his infectious beats and magnetic delivery. His live performances, honed through extensive touring across the United States, are electrifying experiences that leave a lasting impression on fans.

In addition to his music career, Akai Solo’s work has found its way into various forms of media, including films, television shows, and video games, further expanding his reach and influence. 

Early Life

Born Daniel Dickson in 1995 and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, AKAI SOLO grew up immersed in the Spanish music culture that his grandmother instilled in his family. Despite his diverse cultural background, he holds American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity, with roots in Panama and Nigeria.

AKAI SOLO’s upbringing was influenced by his mother’s guidance and the rich musical heritage of his environment. His music often reflects his experiences and incorporates elements of his heritage, blending Warped beats, unorthodox flows, and references to Senzu Beans and Yankee fitteds.

His journey into rap began in sixth grade when he was introduced to Cannibal Ox’s “The Cold Vein,” sparking his interest in the genre. AKAI SOLO credits his passion for writing essays and reading poetry in school as foundational to his desire to become a rapper. A pivotal moment came when his math teacher played Aesop Rock for the class, leading to a fascination with the references to his classmate Shamar, also known as Vordul Mega from Cannibal Ox.

During his time at Benjamin Banneker Academy in Brooklyn, AKAI SOLO and his friends formed a rap group called B.D.B. and experimented with beats on lunch tables. Despite initial struggles and identity changes, AKAI SOLO eventually embraced his current moniker, which stands for Ascended Killer Absolving Ignorance Souls Of Lords Omniscient, with “akai” translating to the color red in Japanese.


AKAI SOLO’s music stands against racism, aiming to empower Black people and encourage critical thinking among Black listeners. He draws inspiration from anime for his album art, lyrics, and tracks. The freestyle culture of the late 2000s, particularly Kid Cudi’s energy, encouraged him to take words seriously. After the tragic death of rapper Nipsey Hussle, AKAI Solo reevaluated his words and their impact on culture.

Starting his career in the revitalized underground scene of Brooklyn, AKAI Solo collaborated with artists like MIKE, Wiki, Navy Blue, and Earl Sweatshirt. In 2019, he released “Black Sand” with Pink Siifu, while also working on solo projects like “Eleventh Wind” and “True Sky.”

Rather than following the indie/mainstream trend, AKAI Solo found common ground with the Backwoodz crew, known for their complex lyrics and themes. His debut album with Backwoodz, “Spirit Roaming,” showcased his versatility and bridged the gap between underground classics and mainstream indie music.

Two years later, AKAI Solo released “From The Burning East With Love,” marking a significant milestone in his career. His discography has since expanded to include projects like “Alone Throughout Heaven And Earth” and “Like Hajime,” as well as collaborations with MAD MOON.

His collaboration with Pink Siifu on “Black Sand” and appearance on billy woods’s “Terror Management” album have further raised his profile. “Black Sand” reflects AKAI Solo’s lyrical depth and creativity, complemented by Siifu’s production and vocals.


Studio Albums

2019 – From the Burning East With Love

2019 – Alone Throughout Heaven and Earth

2019 – Black Sand

2019 – Mad Space

2020 – Like Hajime

2020 – Ride Alone, Fly Together

2021 – True Sky

2022 – Spirit Roaming

2023 – Only the Strong Remain

2023 – Vertically///Singularity


2017 – 2 Gales


2018 – Crush Everything

2019 – Return 2 Forever 2: After 8 p.m. in Brooklyn

2020 – Eleventh Wind

2021 – The Lightwork EP

2022 – Body Feeling

Music Video

2019 – Show Love


2020 – Tainted

2021 – Incursio Fur

2021 – Ocean Hue Hours

2022 – Vita (Pyre)

2023 – Good Footage