Liv.e – Biography, Career and Discography

Hailee Olivia Williams, also known as Liv.e (pronounced as Liv), is a talented American artist hailing from Dellas, TX. Her music blends various genres like experimental R&B, cosmic jazz, gospel, neo-soul, spoken word, and chopped and screwed. The Guardian describes her style as a mix of these influences. Liv.e’s captivating voice and distinctive songwriting, combined with her use of vintage samples and warm production, create songs that feel both diverse and timeless. Her music is a product of her roots in Dallas, where she draws inspiration from the local music scene and her experiences with Dolfin Records, a DIY label. Additionally, Liv.e showcases her rap skills under the name Jade Fox and collaborates with artists like Lord Byron and Pink Siifu in the group Kryptonyte.

Early Life 

Liv.e, born, Texas, in 1998, grew up in a musical environment. Her father, a jazz pianist, and her mother, a church choir singer, instilled a love for music in her from a young age. Additionally, her brother’s involvement in the music industry, playing drums for notable artists like Snoop Dogg, Snarky Puppy, and Prince, further influenced her musical journey.

Initially, Liv.e focused on visual arts during her studies at Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas. However, as her academic pursuits intensified, she turned to music as a means of stress relief. Despite not planning to pursue a career in music like her father and brother, she found solace in DJing initially, before exploring her vocal and compositional talents.

Her musical influences range from gospel and blues ensembles to iconic artists like The Clark Sisters, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, and OutKast. As she delved deeper into music, she discovered the work of beatmakers such as Georgia Anne Muldrow and Knxwledge, expanding her musical palette.

During her time at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Liv.e began experimenting with music, starting with DJing and freestyling. She shared her DJ sets and freestyles on Soundcloud and connected with members of the Dallas-based collective, Dolfin Records, marking the beginning of her journey as a musician.


Liv.e gained recognition with her projects FRANK in 2017 and Hoopdreams in 2018. These releases led to her joining Earl Sweatshirt on the Fire It Up Tour in 2019, alongside other artists like BbyMutha, MIKE, and Na-Kel Smith. She also featured on Earl Sweatshirt’s EP Feet of Clay with the track “MTOMB.”

Her debut EP, F.R.A.N.K., dropped in August 2017, showcasing her unique sound influenced by her upbringing in a musical household and her connection to gospel, jazz, R&B, funk, and hip-hop. Produced by Dolfin Records members like Ben Hixon and Jon Bap, the EP captured attention for its innovative approach.

After completing her studies, Liv.e relocated to Los Angeles, where she released three more EPs: 3AMSPACECADET, Raw Daybreaks Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, and Hoopdreams in collaboration with 10.4 Rog. This collaboration led to her touring with Earl Sweatshirt.

In 2019, Liv.e collaborated with Earl Sweatshirt on “MTOMB” and subsequently released her debut album, Couldn’t Wait to Tell You…, in 2020. The album received critical acclaim and featured guest appearances from C.S. Armstrong, Lord Byron, and Akeema Zane.

A year later, on the album’s first anniversary in 2021, she released CWTTY+, a deluxe version of Couldn’t Wait to Tell You…, featuring six new tracks including “Bout It,” produced by Mndsgn. In 2022, she released the bold, jungle-influenced single “Ghost.” This track was included in her second album, Girl in the Half Pearl, which dropped in 2023, further solidifying Liv.e’s position as a rising star in the music scene.


Studio Albums

2020 – Couldn’t Wait to Tell You

2023 – Girl in the Half Pearl

2023 – GITHPRemixEdition


2017 – Frank

2017 – Raw Darbreaks, Vol.1

2017 – 3amspacecadet

2018 – Raw Daybreaks Vol. 2

2018 – 420CS

2018 – Hoopreams

2021 – CWTTY+


2019 – JT Donaldson

2020 – I Been Livin

2020 – Bout These Pipedreams/Lessons From My Mistakes… But I Lost Your Number

2020 –  Lazy Eater Bets On Her Likeness

2020 – Sir Lady Makeem Fall

2021 – Bout It – A COLOR SHOW

2021 – Bout It

2022 –  Ghost

2022 – Wild Animals

2023 – Find Out