Fly Anakin –  Biography, Career and Discography

Frank L. Walton, Jr., widely recognized by his stage moniker Fly Anakin, is an esteemed American rapper and record producer hailing from Richmond, Virginia. Renowned for his lyrical prowess, he has earned accolades from Madlib himself, who described him as “one of the illest MCs” in the game. As a pivotal figure in the Richmond hip-hop scene, Fly Anakin co-founded the esteemed collective Mutant Academy.

Fly Anakin’s musical journey reached new heights with the release of FlySiifu’s, a collaborative masterpiece with Pink Siifu in 2020, followed by the EP $mokebreak, garnering acclaim from fans and critics alike. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Freddie Gibbs, Nickelus F, Evidence, Ohbliv, Redveil, and MAVI.

Early Life

Fly Anakin, born on July 9, 1994, spent his formative years in Richmond, Virginia, where he was immersed in the vibrant cultural landscape of the city. Growing up, he was a regular attendee at church, where he found solace and inspiration in the spiritual atmosphere.

His musical journey began with the guidance of his older brother, who introduced him to seminal rap albums such as Ghostface Killah’s “Ironman,” Jay Z’s “Reasonable Doubt,” and Hot Boys’ “Guerrilla Warfare.” These early exposures ignited his passion for hip-hop and laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the genre.

As Fly Anakin’s musical horizons expanded, so too did his list of influences. He drew inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Jeezy, Kendrick Lamar, and Curren$y, whose distinctive styles and lyrical prowess left an indelible mark on his own artistic trajectory. These influences would shape his approach to music-making and contribute to the unique sound that defines his work today.


In 2014, Fly Anakin marked his entry into the music scene with the release of his inaugural mixtape, “Mirrors_episode1,” a collaborative effort with future Mutant Academy member Ewonee. This marked the beginning of a prolific journey, as Fly Anakin went on to self-release over a dozen mixtapes and EPs, captivating audiences both in Richmond and beyond with his dynamic performances at shows and intimate settings.

The year 2019 brought a significant milestone in Fly Anakin’s career with his signing to Lex Records. This partnership culminated in the release of the highly acclaimed collaborative album “FlySiifu’s” with Pink Siifu in November 2020, followed by the EP “Smokebreak” in April 2021. Building on this success, Fly Anakin unveiled his debut solo studio album, “Frank,” in 2022, featuring production from luminaries such as Madlib, Evidence, and members of Mutant Academy. Garnering widespread praise from critics, “Frank” earned a “universal acclaim” rating on Metacritic.

Fly Anakin took to the stage at the SXSW Festival in March 2022, delivering captivating performances at both the Lex showcase and the Song Exploder showcase. In the following month, he embarked on a European tour, supporting Armand Hammer with electrifying shows at renowned venues including XOYO in London, Le Botanique in Brussels, and Le Bellevilloise in Paris. These experiences further cemented Fly Anakin’s reputation as a dynamic performer with a global appeal.

In May 2022, a concert scheduled in Lyon, France, took an unexpected turn when Fly Anakin intervened to veto an opening act, leading to the cancellation of the event by the local concert promoter. The decision stemmed from an altercation between the promoter and Fly Anakin’s booking agent, prompting Fly Anakin to assert his artistic prerogative. In an email to the promoter, the booking agent emphasized that artists have the right to choose their collaborators, particularly in celebrating their cultural heritage, which, in Fly Anakin’s case, is rooted in hip-hop and Black artistry.

The incident garnered media attention in France, with publications such as the local Lyon newspaper Le Progrès and national outlets like Marianne and BFM TV reporting on the matter. While Fly Anakin refuted any allegations of discrimination, citing musical concerns about the proposed opening act, the incident sparked a broader discussion about artistic autonomy and cultural representation.

Later in November 2022, Fly Anakin teamed up with Madlib to release a reimagined version of “No Dough” from his acclaimed album “Frank.” As the year came to a close, Metacritic recognized “Frank” as the “best reviewed debut” rap album of the year and the ninth best-reviewed debut album across all genres, reaffirming Fly Anakin’s status as a rising talent in the music industry. Continuing his creative momentum, Fly Anakin released the “Skinemaxxx (Side A)” EP on April 5, 2023.


Studio albums

  • At the End of the Day (2020)
  • Frank (2022)

Collaborative albums

  • Open House (with Henny L.O) (2014)
  • Chapel Drive (with Koncept Jack$on) (2017)
  • Panama Plus (with Koncept Jack$on & TUAMIE) (2017)
  • Backyard Boogie (with Ohbliv) (2018)
  • Emergency Raps, Vol. 4 (with TUAMIE) (2019)
  • Holly Water (with Big Kahuna OG) (2019)
  • FlySiifu’s (with Pink Siifu) (2020)
  • Skinemaxxx (Side A) (with Foisey) (2023)
  • Skinemaxxx (Side B) (with Foisey) (2023)

Extended plays

  • Mirrors_episode.1 (with Ewonee) (2014)
  • Elsewhere Ave. (2015)
  • The Grand Scheme of Things (2016)
  • Velvet Type Joints (2016)
  • People Like Us (2017)
  • Anakin & Friends: Episode 1 (2021)
  • $mokebreak (with Pink Siifu) (2021)
  • Pixote (2021)
  • mirrors_episode.2 (with Ewonee) (2022)
  • Stop Tryna Hack My Facebook (2023)