Kari Faux – Biography, Career and Songs

Kari Rose Johnson, known professionally as Kari Faux, hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, and has made a name for herself as an American rapper. Renowned for her vibrant fashion sense and conversational approach to rap, Kari Faux’s music is often categorized as “internet rap,” featuring catchy hooks, simple production, and a focus on witty wordplay.

Her musical style spans across various genres, including Alternative R&B, Jazz Rap, Neo-Soul, Southern Hip Hop, Hip Hop, and Contemporary R&B.

Early Life and Education

Born on June 11, 1992, Kari Faux entered the world to a teenage mother, finding herself later adopted by a couple with an older son, growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her upbringing was marked by her father’s employment at the Skippy Peanut Butter factory in the city and her mother’s role as a minister.

It wasn’t until the age of 19 that Faux discovered her biological parents. To her surprise, her biological father was a prominent local rapper, whose music she had unknowingly enjoyed as a child, even singing along to one of his popular songs frequently heard on the radio.

Attending Little Rock Central High School, Faux completed her education before venturing to Atlanta, Georgia. There, she enrolled in the Art Institute of Atlanta with aspirations of studying audio engineering. However, disillusioned with her experience and feeling isolated, she decided to leave the institution, citing it as a scam and expressing her dissatisfaction with the lack of genuine connections. Faux returned home, recognizing the need to reassess her path and find her footing amid a challenging period marked by self-discovery and uncertainty.

Personal Life

In the autumn of 2014, Kari Faux made the bold decision to relocate to Los Angeles, California, accompanied by her friend and collaborator Malik Flint. The move was driven by her desire to expand her career and delve deeper into music production. However, by 2016, Faux returned to her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. As of 2020, Faux has once again taken up residence in Los Angeles.


Kari Faux’s journey in the music industry began in 2011 with her debut track “Fauxty Miles Per Hour,” followed by a series of mixtapes in 2012. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that she gained significant traction with the release of her EP “Laugh Now, Cry Later”, featuring standout tracks like “No Small Talk” and “On the Internet.” This project garnered attention from critics and fans alike, earning her a spot on Pitchfork’s “Most Overlooked Mixtapes of 2014” list and capturing the interest of rapper Childish Gambino, who remixed “No Small Talk” for his own mixtape, “STN MTN.”

In 2016, Faux’s star continued to rise as she caught the attention of Childish Gambino once again with her track “No Small Talk.” This led to her involvement in Glover’s artist studio/house in Los Angeles, known as The Factory, where she worked on her debut album Lost En Los Angeles. The album earned her acclaim and opportunities to perform internationally in Mexico and Hong Kong.

Throughout the years, Faux maintained her connections to her roots in Little Rock while immersing herself in the Los Angeles music scene. She collaborated with notable artists like Childish Gambino, Chloe x Halle, and The Internet, while releasing understated EPs like Primary (2017) and Cry 4 Help (2019). In 2020, she expanded her reach with the release of the Lowkey Superstar mixtape, featuring collaborations with artists such as JID, Jazz Cartier, and Smino.


Studio albums

Lost En Los Angeles (2016)

Lowkey Superstar (Deluxe) (2021, Don Giovanni/Lowkey Superstar)

Real Bitches Don’t Die! (2023)


Primary (2017)

Cry 4 Help (2019)


City Limits (2012)

Sophisticated Rachetness (2012)

No Sleep Til Atlanta (2013)

Laugh Now, Die Later (2014)

Lowkey Superstar (2020)


Supplier (2016)

The Right Here (2016)

Lets Just Be Friends (2016)

Color Theory (2018)

Leave Me Alone (2019)

While God Was Sleepin’ (2020)

Outta Sight (2021)


ME FIRST (2023)

Turnin’ Heads (2023)

Make a Wish (2023)