JPEGMAFIA – Biography, Career and Discography

Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, professionally known as JPEGMafia (stylized as JPEGMAFIA), is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. He made his debut with the release of his first studio album, Black Ben Carson, in 2016 under Republic Records. Subsequently, he entered a joint venture deal with Deathbomb Arc to unveil his acclaimed second album, Veteran, in 2018. Continuing to forge his path independently, he released his third album, All My Heroes Are Cornballs, in 2019, which made its mark on the Billboard 200 chart. Returning to Republic Records, Hendricks dropped his fourth album, LP!, in 2021, garnering further acclaim from critics.

In 2023, Hendricks expanded his repertoire with the release of the collaborative studio album Scaring the Hoes alongside alternative rapper Danny Brown. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Hendricks remains a prominent figure in the alternative rap scene, known for his innovative approach to music production and his thought-provoking lyricism.

Early Life and Education

Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks (born October 22, 1989), born in Flatbush, Brooklyn, to Jamaican parents, spent much of his early years in the neighborhood before relocating to Alabama at the age of 13. It was there that he encountered significant racism, an experience that would deeply influence his music in the years to come. At 18, Hendricks moved to Louisiana and enlisted in the United States Air Force, embarking on a journey that took him to various countries, including Iraq, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, and North Africa, as part of his military service. However, his time in the Air Force was marred by reported abuse from his superiors, leading to his honorable discharge after he spoke out against the mistreatment.

While Hendricks had previously claimed to hold a master’s degree in journalism, he later clarified that although he had studied the subject during his deployment, he had not been officially awarded a degree. In April 2021, Hendricks took to social media to reveal the harrowing truth about his past, disclosing that he had endured a childhood marked by sexual, verbal, and physical abuse. These experiences have undoubtedly shaped his artistry and contributed to the raw authenticity and emotional depth evident in his music.

Career Beginnings

JPEGMafia discovered his passion for music production at the age of 15, diving into beat-making after learning the art of sampling. Despite initial skepticism from others, Hendricks persisted, eventually turning to rapping when his beats failed to gain traction. He describes himself as primarily a producer who took up rapping out of necessity, emphasizing his dedication to both crafts.

During his time stationed in Japan with the military, Hendricks, then operating under the name Devon Hendryx, began honing his skills in production and songwriting. Under this alias, he released several albums, including “Generation Y,” “Dreamcast Summer Songs,” and “The Ghost~Pop Tape.” In 2015, after relocating to Baltimore, Hendricks adopted the moniker JPEGMafia and swiftly made his mark with mixtapes like “Communist Slow Jams” and “Darkskin Manson,” inspired by the protests surrounding Freddie Gray’s death.

Following a string of mixtapes, Hendricks unveiled his debut studio album, “Black Ben Carson,” in February 2016, showcasing a harsher and more distorted sound. This was followed by a collaborative EP with fellow Baltimore rapper Freaky titled “The 2nd Amendment.” After a brief stint in Baltimore, Hendricks made the move to Los Angeles, where he crafted his second studio album, “Veteran,” released in January 2018. With “Veteran,” JPEGMafia aimed to showcase his versatility and experimentalism, earning widespread acclaim for his bold and boundary-pushing approach to music.

Career Achievements

Following the success of “Veteran,” JPEGMafia embarked on the creation of his next album, a meticulous process that saw him record a staggering 93 songs before narrowing it down to 18 tracks. During this period, he documented his progress on social media, frequently sharing updates on Instagram as he mixed and mastered the album while on tour with Vince Staples.

Despite his self-deprecating remarks labeling the project as a “disappointment,” anticipation grew with the release of the first single, “Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot,” on August 13, 2019. Hendricks employed a unique promotional strategy, hosting listening sessions on his YouTube channel where friends and fellow artists, including Denzel Curry, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, and Hannibal Buress, provided their reactions and insights into the album’s tracks.

“All My Heroes Are Cornballs” was released on September 13, 2019, marking a significant milestone as JPEGMafia’s first charting album and receiving widespread acclaim from critics. Embarking on the JPEGMafia Type Tour in October 2019, Hendricks continued to showcase his innovative sound and electrifying performances to audiences worldwide.

In 2020, Hendricks released several singles throughout the year, culminating in the EP titled “EP!” released on November 6 via Bandcamp, and later expanded for streaming services in December. On February 12, 2021, he followed up with “EP2!” Continuing his prolific output, Hendricks announced his album “LP!” on October 2, 2021, which dropped on his birthday to further critical acclaim.

However, due to sample-related issues, “LP!” was released in two separate versions: the standard version on streaming services and the “Offline” version distributed for free on platforms like Bandcamp, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Hendricks later released the remaining songs from the “Offline” version as the “OFFLINE!” EP on streaming services on February 24, 2022.

On May 23, 2023, Hendricks made the complete “offline” version of the album available on streaming platforms. Further teasing his creative endeavors, he hinted at the release of three albums for 2023, promising fans even more groundbreaking music to come from his innovative and ever-evolving artistic vision.

In early 2023, JPEGMafia teased fans with hints of a collaborative project with fellow rapper Danny Brown, sparking excitement among their fanbase. Official announcements soon followed, with Hendricks confirming the release of three albums for the year.

By February 10, 2023, Hendricks took to Twitter to announce the completion of the collaborative project with Danny Brown and revealed his ongoing work on his second album for the year. As anticipation mounted, the duo appeared on The Danny Brown Show on February 28, 2023, unveiling the title of their joint effort, “Scaring the Hoes Vol. 1,” and offering a sneak peek of its first single.

On March 13, 2023, the eagerly awaited first single, “Lean Beef Patty,” made its debut on streaming platforms, accompanied by the announcement of the collaborative project’s release date set for March 24, 2023. Building momentum, the duo dropped the second single, “SCARING THE HOES,” along with an accompanying music video on March 16, 2023.

Just three days later, on March 24, 2023, “Scaring the Hoes Vol. 1” was unleashed to the delight of fans worldwide. However, the excitement didn’t end there, as on July 11, an extended version of the album titled “Scaring the Hoes: DLC Pack” hit streaming services, featuring four additional tracks to further enhance the listening experience.

Other Ventures

In March 2020, JPEGMafia kicked off a vlog series on his YouTube channel titled HTBAR (How To Build A Relationship). In each episode, he engages in candid discussions with fellow artists and friends, delving into topics ranging from music and life to politics. Setting the tone for each episode, the soundtrack features a mix of unreleased songs, demos, and instrumentals produced by JPEGMafia himself. Notable guests on the series include Danny Brown, Kenny Beats, Lykke Li, Orville Peck, Saba, and more, adding depth and diversity to the conversations.

Beyond his vlog series, Hendricks is also known for his passion for professional wrestling, often incorporating references to the sport in his music. In September 2020, he made a memorable appearance on the television show AEW Dynamite, showcasing his love for wrestling to a wider audience. Additionally, in 2021, AEW star Darby Allin joined Hendricks as a guest on the thirteenth episode of HTBAR, further bridging the worlds of music and wrestling.

Hendricks’ eclectic interests extend to television as well, as demonstrated by his appearance on the seventh episode of season 5 of The Eric Andre Show. In this episode, titled “Named After My Dad’s Penis,” he participated in the third Rapper Warrior Ninja sketch, a humorous parody of the popular TV show Sasuke. Alongside fellow artists Lil Yachty, Murs, Trippie Redd, and Zack Fox, Hendricks took on the challenge of freestyling while navigating obstacles on a platform, adding a touch of entertainment to his diverse repertoire.


Studio Albums

2016 – Black Ben Carson

2018 – Veteran

2019 – All My Heroes Are Cornballs

2021 – LP!

2024 – TBA


2012 – ❤ (Heart Emoji) (as Devon Hendryx)

2015 – Darkskin Manson EP

2016 – EP II

2017 – The Wolf Returns 

2020 – EP!

2021 – EP2!

2023 – Scarin the Hoes: DLC Pack


2011 – Anne Hathaway

2013 – Call Me Maybe

2016 – You Think You Know

2016 – I Smell Crack

2016 – Digital Blackface

2016 – I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump

2017 – Man Purse

2017 – This Song is a Safe Space

2017 – Starrcade 97

2017 – Baby I’m Bleeding

2018 – Does This Ski Make Me Look Fat?

2018 – Millennium Freestyle

2018 – Puff Daddy

2019 – The Who

2019 – Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot

2019 – Beta Male Strategies

2020 – Bald 

2020 – Covered in Money

2020 – Bodyguard

2020 – Cutie Pie!

2020 – The Bends

2020 – Rough 7

2020 – Living Single

2020 – Last Dance!

2021 – Fix Urself!

2021 – Trust!

2021 – Hazard Duty Pay!

2023 – Lean Beef Patty

2023 – Scaring the Hoes