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Jasper Marsalis, also known as Slauson Malone 1, hails from New York City and is famous for his work in hip-hop and experimental music. He used to be part of Standing on the Corner, a group blending jazz and hip-hop vibes. He’s closely linked with sLUms, a collective of New York underground artists, including MIKE. Slauson Malone 1 has lent his talents to albums by Pink Siifu, L’Rain, Nosaj Thing, and more. His album “Excelsior” dropped in 2023 under the Warp label.

Under the alias Slauson Malone 1, Jasper Marsalis crafts music that blends popular tunes with performance art. His previous projects include “A Quiet Farewell (2016-2018),” Vergangenheitsbewältigung, and the track “for Star (Crater Speak).”

Early Life

Slauson was born on December 26, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He’s the son of jazz legend Wynton Marsalis and acclaimed actress Victoria Rowell, known for her roles in “The Young and the Restless” and “Diagnosis: Murder.” 

During his time in Brooklyn, he started making unique hip-hop beats under the name Slauson Malone. He also teamed up with Gio Escobar’s experimental group Standing on the Corner, where he played a significant role in turning their demo recordings into their first album, released in 2016.


Slauson Malone 1 discovered his passion for singing at a young age, even releasing his first song “remedy” at just 10 years old on June 6, 2005.

Teaming up with rapper Medhane, Slauson formed the duo Medslaus, dropping their inaugural mixtape titled “Greys In Yellow” in 2015. Their collaborative effort continued with the release of the mesmerizing album “Poorboy” in 2017.

While initially a key member of Standing on the Corner, Slauson Malone eventually parted ways after their second album, “Red Burns.” However, he still received recognition for his contributions, earning producer and writer credits when the group collaborated on uknowhatimsayin¿, Danny Brown’s 2019 album.

As a founding member of the New York art collective Standing on the Corner, Slauson Malone’s production style has always been noted for its cinematic quality. This signature sound, showcased on SOTC’s 2017 release “Red Burns,” carries over into his solo work, such as “A Quiet Farwell.” Additionally, he collaborated with rapper Medhane on two EPs under the moniker Medslaus. Despite his departure from Standing on the Corner, the title of “A Quiet Farwell” reflects a period of significant change and upheaval in his life.

In 2019, Slauson Malone unveiled his first solo album since leaving Standing on the Corner, titled “A Quiet Farwell, 2016–2018,” as part of the Crater Speak series. This deeply introspective release, featuring collaborations with Maxo, Pink Siifu, Caleb Giles, and Taphari, resonated strongly with listeners, earning acclaim as one of the most emotionally impactful records of the year. Malone delves into themes of heartbreak and the passage of time with a profound sense of introspection, presenting a collection of songs that feel both hauntingly familiar and uniquely transformative.

Continuing his Crater Speak series, Malone followed up with the 2020 EP “Vergangenheitsbewältigung” and the 2022 ambient release “For Star.” In addition to his solo work, Malone contributed his talents to various projects, including L’Rain’s critically acclaimed 2021 album “Fatigue” and releases by Pink Siifu, Nosaj Thing, Jonah Yano, among others.

The turning point came in 2023 when Malone’s project signed with Warp Records and adopted the moniker Slauson Malone 1. Their sophomore album, “Excelsior,” showcased a refined yet enigmatic sound, incorporating orchestral and choral elements into certain tracks.

On August 15, 2023, Warp Records announced the signing of Marsalis and released his debut single, “Voyager,” accompanied by a visually striking music video directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa. Described as a sonic journey through hip-hop and soul, “Voyager” captivated audiences with its innovative sound.

Building anticipation for his upcoming album, Marsalis released the second single, “New Joy,” on September 5, along with a captivating music video co-directed by himself and Parker Corey of Injury Reserve and By Storm. This was followed by the release of the third single, “Half-Life,” accompanied by a lyric video, on October 3.

Slauson Malone’s evolution into Slauson Malone 1 is a central theme on his second studio album, “EXCELSIOR,” released through Warp Records, home to renowned artists like Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, OPN, and Yves Tumor, in the fall of 2023. This musical rebirth takes listeners on a surreal journey through ethereal compositions, delving into complex topics such as masculinity, love, and Black identity.

“EXCELSIOR” marks Marsalis’ debut under the moniker Slauson Malone 1, following his previous release, “A Quiet Farwell, 2016–2018,” under the name Slauson Malone. Released on October 6, 2023, by Warp Records, this album is a fusion of personal essays and musical experimentation, incorporating a diverse range of instruments including acoustic guitar, brass, theremin, percussion, glockenspiel, and Wurlitzer.

The album boasts collaborations with a variety of artists, including BADBADNOTGOOD drummer Alex Sowinski, acclaimed singer/songwriter Chocolate Genius, vocalist Astrid Sonne, who was featured in ALICE, and cellist Nicky Wetherell, known for her live performances alongside Marsalis. Through these collaborations and rich instrumentation, “EXCELSIOR” emerges as a profound exploration of both musical and literary realms, inviting listeners into a world of introspection and creativity.


Sound Collage, Experimental Hip Hop, Neo-Psychedelia, Neo-Soul, Art Pop, Experimental.


Singles & Ep

2020 – Vergangenheitsbewältigung (Crater Speak)

2022 – For Star (Crater Speak)

2023 – Half Life


2017 – Red Burns

2019 – A Quiet Farewell, 2016-2018