Maxo – Biography, Career and Discography

Maxo Kream, born Emekwanem Ogugua Biosah Jr., is a Nigerian-American rapper renowned for his candid lyricism, which reflects his upbringing in impoverished neighborhoods of Houston, Texas. As a member of the 52 Hoover Crips, he openly embraces his roots and proudly represents his community through his music.

Maxo Kream’s lyrics offer a vivid portrayal of the challenges and realities of life in disadvantaged areas, resonating deeply with audiences who appreciate his authentic storytelling.

In 2018, Maxo Kream burst onto the music scene with his debut album, Punken, which was praised for its raw honesty and introspective themes. The project served as a testament to his lyrical prowess and garnered critical acclaim, establishing him as a promising talent in hip-hop.

Building on the success of Punken, Maxo Kream continued to make waves with his major label debut, Brandon Banks, released in 2019. 

Early Life

Maxo Kream, born on March 29, 1990, in Houston, Texas, was raised in a city renowned for its vibrant music scene and rich cultural diversity. His father, Emekwanem Ibemakanam Ogugua Biosah Sr., an immigrant from Nigeria, brought a unique cultural perspective to Maxo’s upbringing, enriching his experience with diverse influences.

Their relationship, often depicted through playful skits, reflected his father’s initial reservations about Maxo’s chosen path in music. Despite these concerns, Maxo’s passion for music continued to flourish, fueled by the dynamic environment of Southwest Houston where he grew up.

Attending Alief Taylor High School, Maxo Kream’s journey into the world of music began to take shape. It was during these formative years that he formed the Kream Clicc Gang group, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in rap and music production.

Despite attending several high schools in Houston, including Elkins High School, Isaac H. Kempner Senior High School, and Hastings High School, Maxo Kream did not complete any of the programs. Instead, he chose to prioritize his musical aspirations, demonstrating determination and dedication to his craft. This decision ultimately set him on the path to becoming a prominent figure in the hip-hop scene, with his unique blend of raw lyricism and authentic storytelling resonating with audiences worldwide.


Maxo Kream’s emergence onto the hip-hop scene in 2012 marked the beginning of a meteoric rise to prominence. His remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Rigamortus” showcased his bold and uncompromising approach to music, garnering widespread attention and acclaim.

With mixtapes like “Retro Card” and “Quicc Strikes,” Maxo Kream quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with, drawing in audiences with his honest lyricism and fearless artistry. These early projects gained traction, amassing thousands of hits on platforms like LiveMixtapes and setting the stage for his future success.

In 2013, Maxo embarked on a significant milestone in his career, joining Chief Keef on a tour across Texas. This experience further solidified his position as a rising star in the hip-hop landscape, earning him recognition and respect within the industry.

The release of his 2015 mixtape, “#Maxo187,” marked a defining moment for Maxo Kream, earning praise from esteemed publications such as XXL Magazine and Pitchfork. This project showcased his undeniable talent and solidified his reputation as a formidable lyricist and storyteller.

However, Maxo’s journey faced a significant setback in October 2016 when he was arrested on charges related to organized crime. Despite the legal turmoil, Maxo maintained his innocence, asserting that he was solely focused on his music career. His release on bail the following day marked a turbulent chapter in his career, but his resilience and dedication to his craft remained unwavering.

Maxo Kream’s musical journey reached new heights with the release of his debut album, “Punken,” in 2018. This sonic masterpiece earned widespread acclaim for its poignant narratives and entrancing beats, ultimately achieving gold certification from the RIAA. Landing at number 11 on the Billboard 200 chart, “Punken” solidified Maxo’s position as a formidable force in the industry.

In the following year, Maxo Kream continued his ascent with the release of his sophomore album, “Brandon Banks.” This highly anticipated project further showcased his lyrical prowess and garnered widespread acclaim. “Brandon Banks” soared to the upper echelons of the Billboard 200, achieving gold certification and peaking at number 15, cementing Maxo’s status as a rising star in the rap scene.

Maxo Kream’s music is a reflection of his upbringing in Houston’s impoverished neighborhoods, offering raw authenticity and intimate storytelling. As a member of the 52 Hoover Crips, he navigates the complexities of his reality with honesty and resilience, channeling his experiences into captivating narratives.

Blending elements of Southern hip-hop, trap music, and gangsta rap, Maxo Kream has forged a unique sonic identity that defies conventional boundaries. His candid and introspective lyricism fearlessly confronts the harsh realities of violence, drugs, and poverty, resonating with audiences worldwide.

From his early days honing his craft in high school alongside the Kream Clicc collective to his collaborations with esteemed artists like Travis Scott, Freddie Gibbs, and Schoolboy Q, Maxo Kream’s trajectory as a rising star in the rap realm shows no signs of slowing down. With each release, he continues to captivate audiences with his undeniable talent and unwavering authenticity.

Personal Life

Maxo Kream’s authenticity shines through in his honest lyricism, which often reflects on his upbringing in impoverished neighborhoods in Houston, Texas. As a member of the 52 Hoover Crips, he navigates the complexities of his reality with raw honesty and resilience. Additionally, his older brother, KCG Josh, shares his passion for music and is also a rapper.

Tragically, in March 2020, Maxo Kream experienced the loss of his brother, Money Madu, who was shot and killed in Los Angeles. This profound loss deeply influenced Maxo Kream’s third studio album, “Weight of the World,” which grapples with themes of grief, loss, and the pressures of fame.

While Maxo Kream keeps his personal life relatively private, he is a father to a daughter named Mackenzie Adaeze Rae Biosah. Despite not being married and keeping his romantic relationships out of the public eye, his dedication to his family and his artistry remains evident in his music.

Nominations and Awards

Maxo Kream has garnered significant recognition in the music industry, receiving nominations and awards that highlight his talent and contributions:


2019 BET Hip Hop Awards:

Best Mixtape for “Brandon Banks”

Best New Artist

Best Collaboration for “Big Persona” (with Tyler, the Creator)

Best Rap Song for “Ain’t Hard 2 Tell”

Best Hip Hop Video for “Ain’t Hard 2 Tell”

2019 Grammy Awards:

Best Rap Album for “Brandon Banks”


2019 AllMusic Year-End

Favorite Rap & Hip-Hop Albums for “Brandon Banks”

2019 XXL Freshman Class


Studio Album

2018 – Punken

2019 – Brandon Banks

2021 – Wight of the World


2012 – Retro Card

2013 – Quicc Strikes

2015 – #Maxo187

2016 – The Persona Tape


2015 – “Cell Boomin” (featuring Father)

2015 – “Thirteen”

2015 – “Out the Door” (featuring Key!)

2015 – Shop

2017 – “Grannies”

2017 – “5200”

2017 – “Bussdown”

2017 – “Mars” (featuring Lil Uzi Vert)

2019 – “Meet Again”

2019 – “Still”

2019 – “She Live” (featuring Megan Thee Stallion)

2021 – “Big Persona” (featuring Tyler, the Creator)

2021 – “Cee Cee” (featuring Monaleo)